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As a part of the “Millennial Generation”, we fall victim to the ongoing, nationwide epidemic of Information Illiteracy. That does not necessarily mean that we are uneducated. This simply means that we are part of a time where we are fortunate enough to have so many new sources across the internet that it is difficult to differentiate what is fact and what is attention-grabbing fiction.

The creator, Allison, has personal experience with nuclear abolition, which is reflected in the site.

Allison gives an example of information illiteracy in her work:

“When it comes down to the topic of Nuclear Weapons and Energy, we remain blissfully unaware of any immediate impacts that the weapons production have on our communities.

But how could we know? Throughout our education, any history class ends the semester with the holocaust. Sometimes a token nod at the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but then we take our state-mandated tests and think no more about the agreements our country’s leaders put into motion.”

Every writer on this site has a passion for a humanitarian cause. And that can look different for every person. This site is for like minds who want to positively contribute to humanitarian efforts.

This site serves as a place where activists write, share and network to work towards the greatest goal of all: unity in a fractured world. As long as we are complicit with our local communities suffering from misinformation and negativity, we cannot have a lasting impact.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

-Elie Wiesel

If you are interested in becoming involved with this site and sharing your passion, fill out this form. 

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