CNN: The Las Vegas Heroes Who Stepped Up

“Amy McAslin and roommate Krystal Goddard dived under a table as gunfire rained down on fellow concertgoers in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Eventually, McAslin realized she was being shielded by someone who’d just been shot.


“A gentleman — I don’t know his name — he completely covered me,” McAslin told CNN. “He covered my face. He said, ‘I’ve got you.’
“Just truly incredible, (a) stranger, jumping over me to protect me.”
The man was among the many who attended to others during and after a massacre in which a gunman fired from the 32nd floor of a Vegas hotel into crowds below at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, killing 59 people and injuring another 527.
Before the shooting began, McAslin and Goddard were standing by the stage where country music singer Jason Aldean was performing. Then they began to hear gunfire.
Krystal Goddard and Amy McAslin lauded the stranger's bravery.
Krystal Goddard and Amy McAslin lauded the stranger’s bravery.a caption
Running for their lives through the crowd, the pair sought refuge under a table as the bullets continued to fly by.
The man shielded McAslin, who was holding Goddard.
It’s not clear when the man was wounded. But he “said that he had been shot in his rear-end area, and that there was a lot of blood,” McAslin said…”