CNN: In a collapsed Mexico school, a community digs for signs of life

September 21, 2017

Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) – When the Enrique Rebsamen School fell, it did not do so lightly. The 7.1-magnitude earthquake that jolted the region on Tuesday caused part of the building to fold in on itself, sandwiching and collapsing, classroom onto classroom.

In the destruction, rescuers found the bodies of 21 schoolchildren and four adults. Now, the community is waiting for word on the dozens more still missing.
But waiting isn’t enough.
They — strangers, friends and rescue crews — are scraping through the rubble with their bare hands, walking the streets with the names of the missing children printed on cardboard signs. When all else fails, they are sharing names on social media and offering whatever comfort can be managed.
While the scene is grim, every rescue provides hope. Walking around the dusty perimeter of what used to be the schoolhouse, a man notices something behind a hole in an outer wall.
“Here are children!” he shouts. “Ayuden!”
From the hole, several children are pulled sobbing, but apparently not seriously injured.